House Construction



House Under Construction

Without the scanner, the history is not complete, but here are some highlights.  Click on each picture for a full-sized view.

No_Roofsm.jpg (24582 bytes)

The house without a roof.  Demolition always goes by quickly.

Front_Oct_10-01sm.jpg (35487 bytes)

A front view of the house without walls.

Front_of_House_Nov_20sm.jpg (36265 bytes)

Framing goes quickly -- This is only two months after the pictures above.

GeneDanielle_Front_Oct_22sm.jpg (42993 bytes)

Critical to a good remodel is a good contractor.  Here is Gene Tumolo -- a great contractor -- with Danielle.

Theresa_in_DR_Oct_22sm.jpg (42001 bytes)









Here Theresa is posing in the dining room to-be.