Snowshoe Sam Drury

First and foremost on the pet list is Sam.  The best springer spaniel there ever has been.  Sam lived about two and a half years from 1975 to 1977. 

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Bojangles Casanova-Drury

Bojangles was a gift from John Casonova, and was also a good, if a bit quirky, dog.  Bo lived from about 1978 to 1982.

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Hercules Pennell

Hercules (named after the Elton John song, A Cat Named Hercules ) lived from 1978 to about 1981.  Hercules was a "Munit" due to the "M" on his forehead.  He is the only cat I know who ever flipped over to land on his back instead of his feet, and he also had a habit of "narfing" you with the side of his mouth.

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Moses T. Gato

Moses is the longest lived of the bunch on this page.  He was born in June or July of 1982, and was put to sleep in October 2000.  He would fetch for the first seven years of his life.  The Photo below was taken when in 1983 or 1984, when he was about two.

Moses 1983.jpg (35628 bytes)

Sam and Mandy

Sam and Mandy joined us in about 2003. Sam lives outside, having been banished for poor indoor manners. Mandy, a bit overweight, lives inside.


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Artemis & Flower

Artemis and Flower are our two rat friends. Artemis passed a way after about a year. The very large Flower soldiers on.


Artemis-071020.jpg  (106 kb)


Flower-071020.jpg  (106 kb)

Fish Fish

Fish Fish came to us from the St. Monica Fall Festival as a prize. He (or she) had several companions, but they did not survive.

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Photos Wanted

Honorable mention (photos wanted -- send to Andy).