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UPDATE: Observatory Video

Here are some QuickTime movies of the new Observatorio La Ballona.

Small -- < 2mb

Medium ~ 6mb

Large (640 x 480) ~ 18mb (password required)

More Astro Pics at the Observatorio La Ballona Home Page

Seneca Tribe -- Pictures are here

RCIA Candidates and Catechumens - Retreat pictures are here

New Astro-Pics, all taken through a Celestron 8" Schmidt Cassegrain telescope with an Olympus C-3000 digital camera.  All were taken from Los Angeles.

Orion Nebula, 16 seconds, taken through 35mm Plossl ocular

Orion_Nebula_v01_web.JPG (327244 bytes)

Orion Nebula, composite of 5 exposures of varying length, through the scope

Orion_Nebula_v02_Corrected_web.JPG (154206 bytes)

Orion, through the camera, full 3x zoom, composite of two 10 second shots.

Orion_V01_10sec_Adj_1_web.JPG (131072 bytes)

M35, open globular cluster at the foot of Gemini.  First shot, single 16 second exposure through the telescope.

M35v01_16sec_1_Photo_web.JPG (193179 bytes)

Second shot, composite of two 16-second exposures.

M35v02_16sec_web.JPG (168822 bytes)

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